R U OK日比赛T&Cs



十大靠谱网投平台 – R U OK Day mindfulness colouring




For the avoidance of doubt, entry is not open to 十大靠谱网投平台 staff.




Two (2) prizes will be awarded.

Each winner will receive a $95 Coles Myer voucher.

See Coles Myer voucher for Terms of Use.

Coles Myer are not participants in or sponsors of this promotion.


To enter the competition, entrants must:

  1. Take a photo of your R U OK day colourig page and add it to your Instagram page. This will register your interest to participate.
  2. 在帖子中添加标签,您就有机会赢得#半岛校园#RUOKDay # ruokdayminfulnesscolours


At the end of the 竞争时期, the prize winners will be determined by Monash through a process of choice, based on meeting all competition entry requirements.

The winners will be announced at 5pm on 10 September 2020 AEST.



1. The promoter of the prize draw is 十大靠谱网投平台 (Abn 12 377 614 012) (Monash).

2. 有关如何参加本次比赛的信息和十大网投公布的奖品详情是这些参赛条款和条件的一部分(Terms).

3. All entrants agree to the Terms upon submitting their entry.

4. Entries must be received during the 竞争时期. 参赛作品在收到时被视为被接受,而不是在发送时被视为被接受. Incomplete, inaudible or incomprehensible entries will be deemed invalid. No responsibility will be taken by Monash for lost, late or misdirected entries.

5. 这场比赛是一场“技巧游戏”,胜负与运气无关. 所有参赛作品将根据比赛规则和条件进行个别评审.

6. Monash reserves the right to: a) cancel, terminate, delay, modify or suspend the prize draw at any time; b) withdraw the invitation to participate from any person, including where that person incorrectly receives an invitational email; and c) amend or vary these Terms during the 竞争时期.

7. The winner(s) will be chosen as outlined in the above details.

8. Prizes must be taken as offered and are not redeemable for cash or an alternative prize. 奖品不可转让.

9. 十大网投保留在任何时候自行决定取消任何参赛者资格的权利. 十大网投对比赛的所有方面的决定都是最终的,不会有任何通信.

10. 十大网投可以要求获奖者提供进一步的信息,以确认获奖者的参赛资格并符合这些条款. This may include, for example, requesting proof of identity.


  • (a)确认其提交的任何内容均为原创,不侵犯第三方的知识产权或任何其他权利;
  • (b)授予十大网投永久股权, 免版税, 不可撤销的, worldwide, non-exclusive licence (with the right to sub-licence) to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, 为任何目的(包括为十大网投的任何产品或服务做广告或宣传)在任何媒体上利用提交的内容与公众沟通或以其他方式利用提交的内容
  • (c)同意十大网投的任何作为或不作为,否则将侵犯该条目中可能存在的任何精神权利;
  • (d) agree to the use of the entry (in whole, 编辑或修改的表格)和参赛者的姓名,以宣传本次比赛的任何方面, Monash and any of Monash’s products or services in any media worldwide; and
  • (e)同意签署十大网投为使本条款生效所要求的任何进一步文件.

12. The image or video and text submitted must not contain or include:

  • (a)可能侵犯第三方知识产权或任何其他权利的任何材料;
  • (b) any explicit material such as harsh/coarse/abusive language, alcohol, drugs, sex, 裸露:裸露或暴力;
  • (c)名称, image, likeness or voice of any person (including the entrant), 除非那个人(和, if any other person is under 18 years of age, their parent or guardian) has signed the Consent Form as outlined in clause ‎13.

13. 如果一个图像或视频包含一个人的可识别图像或片段(不包括人群/群体图像,其中有许多张脸, 可以看出, but not specially identified), 你必须透过有关的同意表格取得该人的同意,并提交一份扫描副本连同条目- 下载同意书.

14. 参赛者有责任通过参赛时提供的信息,确保他们可以随时联系.

15. 如果获奖者在十大靠谱网投平台试图联系获奖者的五(5)天内没有回应领奖, the winner forfeits the prize. 如果发生这种情况, 十大靠谱网投平台可以进行重新抽签,并将奖金提供给其他参赛者,直到联系到有效的中奖者为止. 十大网投将使用报名时提供的联系方式与新中奖者联系.

16. 除非另有约定, Monash will send the prize via post to an Australian address nominated by the winner. Postage of a prize will involve delivery to you by a third party service provider. 您同意十大网投对奖品在运输过程中发生的任何损失或损坏不负任何责任. For any 国际 addresses nominated, 同等货币价值的奖品将颁发给相应的国家.

17. Unless expressly stated, all other expenses become the responsibility of the winners. 获奖者被告知,可能会产生的税收影响,并希望在接受奖金之前寻求独立的财务建议.

18. 十大网投不承担任何责任,也不对任何事故承担法律责任或责任, loss, injury or damage to any individual or property whether direct or indirect, 是否在合同中, tort, negligence or otherwise arising out of or in connection with the competition or the prize, either during or after the competition.

19. 不限制第18条, Monash makes no representations or warranties as to the quality, suitability or merchantability of any goods or services offered as prizes. To the extent permitted by law, 十大网投不对因任何作为或不作为而给个人或财产造成的任何损失负责, 故意或疏忽, by Monash or its employees or agents, 有关由任何人向获奖者提供货物和服务的安排, 在适用的地方, to any persons accompanying the prize winner. 这一条款不影响消费者可能享有的任何根据澳大利亚法律无法排除的权利. To the fullest extent permitted by law, 十大网投或其雇员或代理人违反任何此类权利的任何责任仅限于支付再次提供奖品的费用.

20. Entrants' personal information may be collected by Monash, 并可能向十大网投的承包商和代理商(包括但不限于营销和促销机构)披露, 信息技术提供商和数据库服务提供商)和社交网络平台(包括Instagram)的行为, 管理及宣传这项比赛,并作日后的市场推广及推广用途. If an entrant does not provide the personal information requested by Monash, or it is inaccurate or incomplete, Monash may determine that the entrant is ineligible to win a prize. 参赛者可致电十大靠谱网投平台03 9902 9589或 dataprotectionofficer@crackedfinger.com. Monash's privacy policy is available at www.privacy.crackedfinger.com.au/